The history of Franz Kolar GmbH began in 1928, as the later founder Franz Kolář designed a machine for the production of wooden carved mouldings.
Due to the big demand he developed further machines, started with the serial production of wooden mouldings, and established the company „Franz Kolar GmbH“.

Under manager Jaroslav Kolar, the factory in Brunn am Gebirge opened in 1978, and in 1991 his daughter Jaroslava Linha took over the management.

In 1993 the Czech subsidiary „FK Dřevěné Lišty“ was established and the premises were built in Bojanovice, nearby Znojmo. Since 2005 the production has taken place exclusively in the subsidiary.

In the beginning, the company specialized in working with solid wooden mouldings, but over the time new markets and new possibilities opened and new products have been created. Today, Kolar offers beside the solid wooden mouldings design panels, handrails, wooden trellis, carved mouldings and special orders as well. Since the foundation not only our range of products but also the number of employees has grown. About 150 employees daily endeavour to satisfy our customers.

Franz Kolar GmbH has been a family business for four generations and embodies 85 years of experience as a reliable partner in the areas wood, processing, woodwork and the wholesale and retail trade with wooden products.