In 1993 the Czech subsidiary „FK Dřevěné Lišty“ was established and the premises were built in Bojanovice, nearby Znojmo. Since 2005 the production has taken place exclusively in the subsidiary in an area of 10.000m².

The production is divided in following units:

Wood purchase
The company uses for the production only the best wood quality (class 0). The demanded wood quality is arranged with the timber suppliers (sawmills).
Mouldings production
Since 1928 our company has specialised in working with solid wooden mouldings. Quality is the unconditional prerequisite for our product moulding.
Frame production
We produce fully finished frames for interior doors, windows and furniture.
Trellis production
Through computer-controlled calculation we reach an absolute symmetry of the trellis.
We produce flexibly and exactly according to your demands - For small applications as well as for extensive public projects.
Special Orders
Through our varied production and the first class quality of the raw material we are able to carry out special orders on a daily basis.
Paint Shop
With modern technology we are able to achieve flawless results.
With the help of the computer-controlled foundry we can use the flexible production process.
Coating of Mouldings
With our modern facilities we are able to manufacture mouldings (MDF or spruce) wrapped with both real wood veneer or foils.
We are specialised in special orders and offer tailor-made solutions. We have developed numerous solutions from the first sketch to the completed high quality product, often in close co-operation with designers and/or our customers. 

For production, the company uses only the best wood quality (class 0). Kolar buys timber from sustainable forestry (FSC® and PEFC) on principle. The most important criteria is the continuous supply of quality timber.

The timber is received in planks. For constant processing, the wood has to have a maximum humidity of ten to twelve percent. Damp wood has to be dried in drying chambers. The constant measurement and monitoring secures constant moisture.

Dried wood is sliced and sinked with our various machines. For each profile we have to manufacture and maintain in-house tools. Many products are afterwards processed on the Classic CNC lathes and in the workshop. The follow-up treatment includes e.g. profile polishing and surface treatment (to lacquer, oil, impregnate). The last quality check takes place at the packaging department.

The resulting woody debris is used as fuel for heating the whole premises. In spring and summer the chipped wood is pressed into wooden briquettes and stored.