20 years FK dřevěné lišty spol.s.r.o.


Our subsidiary FK dřevěné lišty spol.s.r.o. has been in existence for 20 years! Reason for us to celebrate together with our employees, their families, and customers. 

We celebrated on April,12 2013 in Znojmo. The management presented a brief historical review of both companies, Franz Kolar GmbH and its subsidiary FK dřevěné lišty spol.s.r.o., as well as future prospects. 
Long-time colleagues were awarded, and then the party started with live-music and dancing.

Behind our business success there is a reliable team of high motivated staff. In this way we want to say thank you and  
to the next successful years!

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Ms. Jaroslava Linha (GM) and
Mr. Leoš Linha (GM) present
history and future prospects.                   a merry and successful celebration                                       Interview with Mr. Jaroslav Kolar (GM retd)