KOLAR in new look


Kolar has been a longstanding and reliable supply partner in the wood sector for over 85 years.  The raw material which the company works with can now be outwardly seen at the headquarters in Brunn.

At the site Brunn am Gebirge, the general renovation of the facade was completed in the summer. More than 600sqm of a 'summer-apple' pattern decorates the building and  trees which are visable from a distance are printed on the panels. This illustrates the company's loyalty to solid wood.

The facade has not only been visually improved, but has also brought safety and energy technology up to date. This brings benefits to all: The company saves at least 20% in heating costs / energy costs, which in turn has a positive affect on the environment.

Employees can find a pleasant climate and working conditions inside. Our warehouse and dispatch team are pleased with the new canopy that brings more weather-protected space for loading and unloading,

Moreover, there is also a benefit for customers and suppliers: The new and improved company name sign and lighting mean that the building is visible from afar and you are able to find your way around the site more easily.


To complete our new outer look, new vehicles with a striking design have been purchased for the fleet.