Kolar at architect@work


The "architect@work" exhibition took place from 16th-17th September for the very first time in the Stadthalle, Vienna.
We presented the latest (acoustic-) design panels "dukta®" and "Stepwood®" to a specialist audience of architects and interior designers.

The exhibition was well attended with more than 2,000 buyers. We presented Stepwood® acoustics, Stepwood® reclaimed lumber and the new Dukta® design-panel in various millings and materials.

e.g. dukta® Janus (three-layer board spruce raw):
dukta JANUS

e.g. dukta® Linar (mdf color blue):
dukta LINAR

e.g. Stepwood® acoustic (beech sanded lacquered B1R4):
Stepwood Akustik

Our products were met with great interest and we had many constructive discussions with visitors.

Thank you for visiting!