Success at fair interzum 2013, Cologne


Success at Interzum 2013,

 The world's biggest trade fair for suppliers to the furniture industry and interior finishing, which took place 13th-16th May, 2013 in Colonge/Germany.
Our stand and the presentation of our products attracted the lively interest from visitors, particularly STEPWOOD® and STEPFORM
In addition, Stepwood® was awarded with the interzum award 2013 for high product quality.  

Kolar presents new products and and is awarded with „High Product Quality“ at the interzum award: intelligent material & design 2013 for Stepwood® Light

At the fair interzum 2013 our products attracted the lively interest of visitors. This year we focused our presentation on the design panel Stepwood®, its new variations, special orders in solid wood and the new design panel Stepform.

The new design panel Stepwood® by Kolar is a material creatively designed from individual wooden slats which are slotted together to create a special spatial impression.
STEPWOOD® is eye catching due to the differences in the colour and structure of the individual timber species. Due to the high quality of the wood and natural appearance, STEPWOOD® panels are used for fitting out shops and creating the interior of rooms and various buildings. According to the type and structure of timber you can choose a rustic or modern version.
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The new and special construction of this panel was designed particularly suitable for both the furniture and door industry. These industries require for production-related reasons Stepwood® in a thin finish in order to be affixed to standardised disc carriers, used for the manufacture of furniture. The wooden slats are  anchored on either fleece or adhesive tape. The panel`s thinness offers advantages for further handling. It may even be used for bent elements. We produce Stepwood® LIGHT cut to size due to our customers` demands and the individual application. Stepwood® enhances the appearance of common boards and is a perfect combination of nature and design for modern and beautiful living.

Stepwood Light gebogen  Preview  Stuhl mit Stepwood  
Stepwood® Light was awarded with the Interzum Award intelligent material and design 2013.

Our design panels Duoforte®-3D und Stepwood® were presented at the "Piazza" as well. The variety of design possibilities for surfaces, structures, veneers and natural materials was the focus of this piazza. The piazza featured a materials exhibition, a public catering area and a presentation forum.


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