Technical details dukta®-flexible wood

The dukta® panels are wood-based panels incised on one or two sides. The flexibility of the panels is achieved through a patented carving technique. 

Dimensions of panels:

tolerance +/-0,5cm panel size (AxD)
in cm
usable area (BxC)
in cm
usable area in m² / panel
Janus 250 x 102 230 x  95 2.19
Linar 250 x 125 235 x 120 2.82
Sonar 250 x 125 230 x 120 2.76
Foli 250 x 125 240 x 116 2.78

Milling is always lengthwise and along the grain. Each panel has an unmilled edge for transportation reasons.
(see difference in panel size versus usable area)

Bending radii:

Bending radius depends on type of incission, material and thickness of the panel


Linar ≥ 120 mm

Janus ≥ 100 mm

Sonar ≥ 150 mm

Foli ≥ 230mm

Air premeability:

26% for Linar and Sonar
33% for Janus and
13% for Foli


Best stored covered, in a cool and dry place on a flat and smooth and clean surface. Do not expose to direct sunlight !


dukta® panels can be processed, e.g. cut, milled, drilled and sanded using standard tools for wood. Use new or well-sharpened tools. High cutting speed and quick cutting sequence should be avoided..

Material properties:

Temperature resistance and emissions values equal standard values of the used wood-based materials as solid wood spruce, MDF-panels E1 and Multi-ply boards IF20/E1.

Please note:

MDF/MDF Color: Like wood, mdf‘s main raw material, has natural variations in tonality, mdf can show variations in colour.
3-layer panels spruce: Joint-tight surface, overall uniform wood pattern, plain to slightly coarsely ringed wood, healthy firmly intergrown knots, individual black point knots permitted, individual slight compression wood occurring, slight pith portions possible, slight colour deviations permissible, slight cracks on panel edges permissible, natural knot plugs, resin pockets and resin pocket repairs to a large extent permissible.
Plywood: Conditional minor burns on milling base possible