Stepwood® Acoustic

The Stepwood® design panel allows you to give a room high-quality and individual character. In combination with the different drilled holes, you are able achieve an ideal acoustic solution.

Stepwood® already improves noise levels through its stepped surface in comparison to smooth surfaces. Through visually stunning all-over holes, we have created the basis of good sound absorption. The absorption value is determined by the building height and the insulation material.

We combine design, nature and function, and provide Stepwood® acoustic panels in different wood types, finishes and drilled holes for you. You will surely find the right type for your project!

After success in 2009 and 2013, we have again been able to convince the jury on a new product from Kolar at the interzum awards: intelligent material & design 2015!
The Stepwood® acoustic design panel received the award for high product quality.

Certified Quality

Our newly developed Stepwood® acoustic panels underwent laboratory acoustics and noise control tests at TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority) Rheinland.
The sound absorption rating (aw) ​​of Stepwood® panels in spruce and core beech with different drilled holes was measured. The test results are very satisfactory ..

e.g. Spruce panels with drilled holes R4,5 D2: high absorption (absorption class C): sound absorption rating :  αw=0,75
Core beech panels with drilled holes R4,5 D1,2: sound absorption rating  αw=0,40 with high sound absorption coefficient of> 0.8 in the frequency range of about 160-500 Hz

Stepwood® acoustic panels can be used for wall panelling, fronts and partitions

Our distributors can offer solution-oriented advice. For prices, samples and technical information, please contact:

In Austria

Franz Rametsteiner GesmbH    Tel. +43 2828/7401
Ritterkamp 8, 3911 Rappottenstein

In Germany

PLZ 6-9
Molnar Handelsagentur – Stefan Molnar   Tel. +49 172 8429371
Reischenau 2b, 86424 Dinkelscherben