Stepwood ® Light

As a long standing supplier of many years to various firms manufacturing furniture or fitting out shops and other buildings, we regulary develop new Stepwood® panels for various areas of use and a broad range of demands.
Since 2013 we have been offering a thin(ner) and more flexible version: Stepwood® Light.
The solid wooden slats are anchored on fleece. The panel`s thinness offers advantages for further handling. It may even be used for bent elements. The thin carrier material blends perfectly with your work piece. 

Stepwood® Light was awarded with the Interzum Award -intelligent material and design 2013 for high product quality.

minimum order quantity is 1 box (=8 pcs./2.19m²) for items on stock (oak raw, walnut raw), if you prefer a lacquered surface, the minimum order qty is 5 boxes.

7 boxes (=15.33m²) is the minimum order qty for all other standard types of timber (see also standard types of timber Stepwood® Original)

minimum order quantity for special orders (e.g. special surface finishes, special timbers, different sizes, other carrier) is 27m² (100 panels)