Special surface finishes

Choose for Stepwood® Original from a variety of designs. Different surfaces, structures, finishes and colours – according to your taste and purpose of use. The wide range of our program Stepwood® offers the perfect solution for each project - from 27m2 (100 panels)
Want a rougher surface? As an alternative to the brushed effect, we offer a saw cut surface effect which retains the elegant look of Stepwood® Original. 

Sägeschnitteffekt Stepwood Paneel

As well Stepwood® Balance offers a special surface - and Stepwood® Natural impresses by its naturally wild character with split wood. 

Stained or lacquered finish emphasises individuality and creativity.

For example:

spruce cognac

Fichte alt
(spruce brushed, stained)

oak milky

Eiche milchig
(oak brushed, lacquered)

spruce sand

(spruce brushed, stained)

oak white

Eiche weiß
(oak sanded, lacquered)

spruce schoko

(spruce brushed, stained)

"Vintage Style"

Stepwood im Vintage Style

Special surfaces allow you to give the project a personal touch -
as for example in Stepwood ® vintage-style