Design and acoustic panels

With the dukta® design panel KOLAR offers an additional ecological product for indoor use, creating more value for eyes & ears.  dukta® panels provide an advantage due to their ductility and transparency as in addition to the visually appealing appearance, dukta® panels are characterized by their sound-absorbing effect.
The dukta® panels are wood-based panels incised on one or two sides. The flexibility of the panels is achieved through a patented carving technique. The panels are particularly suitable for wall and ceiling applications, straight and curved surfaces, as well as for freestanding partition elements and furniture.


Flexible wood

The innovation of dukta® is a special milling technique which makes wood and wood-based materials flexible. Through carving, the original panel gains almost textile properties,  considerably extending its application areas and qualities.  Dukta® provides the interior designer with new horizons in interior fitting  with its visual and technical characteristics.  The high sound-absorbing effect of this design wood material is particularly interesting. The internationally patented method works with commercial wood materials. The panel material is either a three-layer panel, plywood or MDF, depending on the customer's requirements. Solid wood can also be used in special applications.

We offer four types of incision:

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On request we manufacture your dukta® panels from certified panel material:
  • JANUS 3-ply spruce (PEFC™) – from 20 pcs, 
  • JANUS MDF natural (PEFC™ or FSC™) - from 25 pcs, 
  • LINAR plywood beech (PEFC™) – from 20 pcs., 
  • LINAR/SONAR/FOLI MDF Color (FSC™) – from 30 pcs., 
  • LINAR/SONAR/FOLI MDF natural (FSC™) – from 25 pcs., 
  • LINAR/SONAR/FOLI MDF natural (PEFC™) – from 80 pcs.,
delivery time on request

dukta® has been awarded with several awards already: