Fire protection

For projects where the use of building materials with classified flammability is necessary, we
offer our product dukta® SONAR PRO. This has been successfully tested for flammability and
certified with C-s2-d0 (according to EN standard 13501-1).
This classification corresponds to the former DIN B1 standard "flame retardant".The certification
of "dukta® SONAR PRO" was carried out in combination with a flame retardant MDF board (B-s2,
d0), 10mm thick, with a SONAR milling pattern, which is fire-resistant after milling with a fleece
and mineral wool backing *.
* The mineral wool is not included in KOLAR deliveries.
Depending on your requirements, we can also mill other types of dukta® on request.
MDF fire-protection panels. In addition, fire-protective coatings are also possible. These are neither tested
for fire safety nor certified.