For dukta® panels with the milling types LINAR, SONAR and FOLI we offer a flexible metal moulding
(DU.ML40). This is screwed to the wall or a shaped carrier, the dukta® panels are then hooked on. The metal
moulding can be simply cut with sheet metal shears.
The solid wood glued beech blocks are available in a straight design and also as quarter arches with two
different radii. The moulding DU.ML07 (spruce raw) can be used for wall mountings as well as standing
connecting elements in combination with DU.AB03 or DU.AB01.

In a short video we show one possibilty how to mount a curved wall application:

dukta® - Montageanleitung

Assembly accessories for dukta® JANUS as a freestanding element are DU.AL5 and DU.AL7 resp. AB5 and AB7.The large arch is designed for 1 dukta® panel width, the small arch for 1/2 panel width.
Cut lengths can be used as floor mouldings, cornices and side finishing mouldings (miter cutting required).

 Montageleiste dukta

Detailled information and additional information on accessoires and Mounting of corner and interconnectors please find here.