Our service for individual processing

Since the foundation of our company we have been a reliable partner for master joiners and other skilled crafts. Thanks to our large stock, the simple order processing and the quick and reliable delivery from the high quality KOLAR-products we enjoy a good reputation with our partners. To keep it that way, we try hard with every single order.

Diversity for your joiner’s workshop

The quality of our products depends on the first class structure of the raw material, the innovative combination from selected materials and the perfect way of processing: therefore giving you the confidence to deliver top products to your clients.

In addition, our service saves you time and money:

  • Top customer service also for small orders
  • accurate to a millimeter cut handrails
  • cut to size trellis
  • our well sorted and promtly available stock

Advertising material request

To enable you to show your clients what they can expect, we have put together a range of advertising materials which you can order.

Product leaflets and processing instructions

Our products promise simple processing.

In order to prevent anything from going wrong, we have compiled downloads for the processing and care of our products.

Our interest in your objects

Send us a printable photo of your design/object, where you have used KOLAR-products and receive a surprise gift as a thank-you.

„A trade in hand finds gold in every land “

Do you belong to this occupational group?

  • Cabinetmaker
  • Object joiner
  • Joiner
  • Stair case maker
  • Interio designer / gastronomy
  • (Sheet) Metal worker
  • Floorer

Then you’ve come to the right place!